Meet Holos. A comprehensive
guide to CFS recovery.

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The Holos guide is concise and has simple, easy-to-follow information covering fifty two important topics that everyone with CFS should know about.

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While there are no magic pills, there are dozens of scientifically proven herbs and supplements that can dramatically reduce and reverse symptoms of CFS.

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Holos is an indepedent entity with no outside affilations. Holos does not sell supplements or earn any commissions for products it recommends.

Expect positive results

The majority of people using the Holos Guide report a reduction in symptoms, increased energy and an overall feeling of well-being.

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Accessible from anywhere

The Holos Guide is something you will reference again and again—that’s why we made it easy to access from your computer and mobile phone.

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Why we did it

For Holos founders, inspiration came after witnessing CFS devestate a family member—this inspired them to transform the way people access and benefit from vital information that can restore one’s health.

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We’re here to help

Our Advisors can help answer questions and get you started. While Advisors are not medical doctors, they are extremely knowledgable.

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What others are saying about Holos

"Thank you Holos. You’ve made so much possible for me. I will be forever grateful."

"After eight years of debilitating and worsening symptoms, I can finally see improvements. Holos is a blessing."

"It’s wonderful to see people who care and are willing to invest the energy into this important effort. Job well done!"

"Holos is an all in one guide to everything you need to know for chronic fatigue treatment options."

"What I love about Holos is that I no longer use Google for my CFS research because it’s all here."

"The Holos guide is without a doubt an essential for anyone with chronic fatigue."

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Access one item from the Holos Guide free. No credit card required. Upgrade for full access anytime.

Basic full access and paid support
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Receive full access to all fifty two sections of the Holos Guide. Any additional Advisor support is $15 per answered question.

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Receive full access to all fifty two sections of the Holos Guide with unlimited Advisor support for THREE months.

What is Holos?

Holos is an independent organization that has carefully put together a vetted collection of research backed herbs and supplements that are used to reduce or reverse symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome.

How do I know Holos is truly unbiased?

Holos does not accept donations, third-party funding, or sponsorship of any kind. One hundred percent of our revenue is generated through the purchase of the Holos Guide and Advisor Support. Holos does not sell any products or supplements leading to internal biases. Note that the Holos Guide does contain links to specific products that we found to be valuable, however Holos has absolutely no affiliation with any of the companies who make those products, and Holos does not benefit or receive any money whatsoever for any products it links to.

How does Advisor support work?

First and most importantly, Holos does not and cannot provide any medical or nutrition advice. That said, our Advisors are extremely knowledgeable with regards to the content provided in the Holos Guide. If you have questions while you're reading the Guide, you may ask an Advisor for help. Note that there are three tiers of accounts you can sign up with: Free, Basic and Premium. There is no advisor support with a Free account. With the Basic Account you may ask an Advisor a question and receive a prompt, satisfaction guaranteed reply for $15. With a Premium Account, you can ask an unlimited number of questions for three months without any charge.

Does Holos have any medical doctors on staff?

Holos does not have any medical doctors on staff. Holos does not and cannot provide any medical or nutrition advice. Understand that information on this website is provided for informational purposes and is not intended as a substitute for the advice provided by your physician or other healthcare professional. Always speak with your physician or other healthcare professional before taking any medication or nutritional/herbal, or homeopathic supplement, or adopting any treatment for a health problem.

How does the money back guarantee work?

We firmly believe that the Holos Guide is a vital resource for those dealing with chronic fatigue syndrome—and we understand what it means to communicate this confidence. And therefore our promise to you is that if the Holos Guide does not help you, let us know and you'll receive a prompt no questions asked refund.

How often is the Holos Guide updated?

The Holos Guide is updated as often as we discover new, credible and compelling information that can help those with chronic fatigue syndrome. The good news is that more and more research is being done and we see new and exciting data every month.